A picture of me.

Hello There!

You appear to have stumbled upon my portfolio.
Let me introduce myself: My name is Maxemilian.
I study Computer Science at Åbo Akademi University I also work as a developer at JCO Digital

My projects

Weatherdash —

Weatherdash is a service that can collect, store, and visualize weather data from custom built sensors using the nodeMCU platform. Weatherdash consists of three main components and one minor component

  • API Server (NodeJS/Express)
  • Sensor software (NodeMCU/PlatformIO/C++)
  • GUI (Java/JavaFX)
  • collector-worker (nodeJS)
The weatherdash GUI application

StoreDash —

StoreDash is group project done for a project course, StoreDash is a service that allows stores to create indoor maps, and then via a client application, provide navigation for customers.
It is best described like Google Maps but for stores.

Unfortunately, most of the source code is not public. However here are some of the technologies used:

  • Kubernetes, Postgres, Pulumi
  • Elixir, Plug, Ecto
  • C++, QT
  • Flutter
The weatherdash GUI application

Get in touch

You can contact me either via email or by phone: